Why you shall choose Cachaii for selling services today?

You have to wonder why we started the Cachaii Freelance site while there are many sites that provide the same services to users and a number of other sites that may be strong competitors to us in our project. In fact we have studies all the questions that you may have in your mind before we take this step in creating a microjob marketplace for the sale and purchase of small services, and through this article we will show you dear visitor why you need to choose selling your services in Cachaii.

First of all, you must know that Cachaii FreeLance website, which is a multilingual market that works to deliver your services to multiple clients from many countries. Therefore, we guarantee the maximum amount of sales by publishing your services on our site.

Registration at Cachaii FreeLance is free and after registration you can start selling your services in the language you prefer. In addition, sometimes, when we find that your service is a good one, we offer you a free translation service and we publish it in many languages for many customers.

Through our website any seller can offer a specific service that he can do for $5. On the other hand, any buyer can buy a service for $5. Here, $5 is the opening or initial price of the services, as there are services that you can sell for up to $5,000.

For example:
You can make a service at a certain price starting at five dollars. Let’s suppose you choose the price to be $200 for the service. You can also add additional services related to the service, such as the fast delivery feature for $24.

Most importantly, unlike other sites, when you sell a service in Cachaii, you only have to wait 7 days for your earnings to be sent to you after confirmation of the buyer, and the more evaluation your services have, less time you need to wait.

Cachaii website specializes in brokerage for the sale and purchase of small and micro services in all fields. Under each section there are other sub-sections where you can choose to spread your services.

In this article we invite you to register for free with us and start earning income by selling your services on our site.