Make money selling your book or Magazine

You may have a book you’ve created or a poetry book you want to publish and sell online. It is not a bad idea, we all think of the moral and financial benefits of any written project. For this reason, in Cachaii we opened the doors of success for those writers who are looking for an opportunity to sell their printed or electronic works through our website.

In this article we will show you our dear visitor the way to do this simply, which does not exceed 5 minutes of your time to do:

First: Account registration

To be able to sell in Cachaii you must first have an account registered on our site to be able to start selling and receiving payments on the site.

Second: Publishing the description of the book

You should publish full details of the content of the book with the cover photo attached to the service, so that the reader can know what he is buying. For example, if the book is ebook, mention it in details. Include the final price of the product  and shipping costs if applicable and choose this in the price details.

Third: Selling

When a user requests the book, you have a maximum of 30 days for the book to be delivered, either printed or electronically, after which the request is considered late and the buyer user is entitled to request the cancellation of the transaction with you.

Fourth: Profits

You need to know dear customer that Cachaii deducts 20% of the total amount of each sale you make if you are a first-level seller, and this percentage is lower after the seller’s level is higher, so you have to calculate that when you add the final price.

Do you have a book or publication you want to sell? what are you waiting for? Register now and start selling your book on the book sale page.