How do you run a successful marketing campaign?

On October 14, 2012, astronaut Felix Baumgartner carried out one of the most daring and dangerous jumps in history when he climbed a helium-filled platform to the stratosphere and jumped from a height of 39 km to a speed of 1342.8 km/h, In the air, while Flex has set a historic record as the first person to break the sound barrier without using cars, electricity or vehicles, Red Bull, which sponsored the event, has been a huge success in its marketing campaign, Mesh Awesome since 2010.

Red Bull Stratos, which was carried out by Felix, has been transmitted through about 80 television stations in 50 countries, the direct webcast distribution through 280 digitally partner and increased the number of views recorded 52 million watch (8 million viewers on YouTube alone), making him the most direct broadcast watch in History, and then directly sold Red Bull 5.2 billion cans worldwide, an increase of 13% over the previous year, in the United States sales jumped 17%, while the diversified markets such as South Africa, Japan, Saudi Arabia, France and Germany also saw significant increase in sales.

Whatever the goal of any marketing campaign: raising awareness of a new product, trade mark itself, raise sales ratios, or attract new customers .. etc, but it aims eventually to reach consumers through a set of coherent and integrated messaging, in order to achieve your goal Here are the key steps to running a successful marketing campaign:

1. Planning the marketing campaign.

2. Determine the budget.

3. Implementation of the marketing campaign.

4. Measuring operation.

Once you have completed your marketing campaign, you will return to the smart goal you initially identified and you will find out whether you have achieved it fully or not. When reviewing and analyzing the results, find out why your marketing goals may not be met, ask yourself what you learned and what can be applied in your next marketing campaign .