Requirements for working with us

What you need to know about working with us

Cachaii is not like other service selling markets that accept all sellers immediately. The approval process for you to start selling on Cachaii starts with linking your Linkedin account or sending your resume before you start publishing your services, because in Cachaii we do not accept any negative ratings Or accounts that may reduce the level of services we provide to customers, and to avoid this risk we require that Freelancers who will work with us to have met the following conditions to be accepted to work as part of Cachaii’s team:.

Account Verification

You need to link your account to LinkedIn or send us your complete resume and this is a prerequisite.


You must have professional and excellent knowledge of the freelance services you will provide on Cachaii’s marketplace.

English Language

The services you provide will be translated into other languages ​​and may require you to communicate with clients in English.

No Slangs

You must use formal language, and it is not permissible to use dialects or words that may not be understood by users.

No Resale

Don’t resell services. If you are not the one who will provide the service, do not publish it on our website.

Only On Cachaii

You are not allowed to redirect users to your own website, this may expose your account to permanent bans.

Not To Sell

You can not sell any illegal, unclear, harmful, or copyrighted services to other persons or companies.

Real Names

Registration with phantom names is prohibited. You can only register with your real name or registered company name.


You can not offer services that others offer with a high price difference. Your prices must be reasonable

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