Do you need to sell your website?

Many webmasters create their sites to monetize the site either by earning a monthly income through advertising, selling products or through other internationally known e-commerce means, and some of them create the website only to get a special price for this site after having achieved a remarkable success to sell at a special price allows him to start another project through the exploitation of the price of the site that was sold.

At Cachaii, we offer our customers the opportunity to sell and transfer their ownership to other people by allowing users to register on our site and publish their sites on the site sale page through which they can get special offers that allow them to sell their sites faster and at a special price.

If you have a site that meets the required conditions, you can publish it on the site page to market your site and offer it to users interested in buying sites designed and ready to meet the following conditions:

  1. The site must be a private property of the advertiser and it is not permissible to advertise sites that are not owned by the owner of the site.
  2. There should be no dispute or dispute over the site or its content.
  3. Sites with illegal or immoral content are completely unacceptable.
  4. It is not permissible to sell sites whose price is less than $ 100 and the site will not be approved.
  5. The site may not be published or sold under design, but the site must be completed and set up for more than three months.

If these features are available on your site, sign up with us and publish your site on the full website sale page and choose the appropriate category.