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Do you need to sell your website?

Many webmasters create their sites to monetize the site either by earning a monthly income through advertising, selling products or through other internationally known e-commerce means, and some of them create the website only to get a special price for this site after having achieved a remarkable success to sell at a special price allows…

Freelance to Be You and Me

Here at Cachaii, we are home to entrepreneurs of all sorts. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar business or an individual with an idea, the backbone of our community is the Service Economy which means freelancer-powered businesses. That’s why we’re dedicating this post to freelancers: how to be one, how to use them, and how to…

How to choose freelancers for your business?

A strong brand presence that clearly conveys its mission and vision to prospective customers, investors and employees is an invaluable asset for growing your small business.  If you’re resolved to grow your business this year, here are six types of freelance experts —all found on Cachaii —who can help you bring your idea to life. 1. Business…

How to get high traffic to your blog?

Starting a business isn’t an easy endeavor, especially when you think about everything you need to do to get it off the ground. A task that’s especially important when launching a new business is blogging. A business blog communicates trust to your visitors. It gives you credibility and authority by showing that you are an…